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Breathe California is seeking a coordinator for our statewide government relations representing the five Breathe California affiliates in Los Angeles, Monterey, San Jose, Daly City, and Sacramento. The coordinator is expected to operate in Sacramento in a staff or contract postion at half time or comparable. The salary or contract range depends on experience. Benefits are available. Download Job Announcement

Statewide Advocacy

Advocating for lung health issues, acting as a model for the nation...

Breathe California fights for clean air, healthy lungs at the state capitol through advocacy at the legislature and agencies including the California Air Resources Board. Some of the legislative and regulatory initiatives we are working on include:

SB 691 (Hancock) - Support / Sponsor

Increase Polluter Penalties
SB 691 would increase penalties for severely disruptive air pollution violations at stationary sources in California. The maximum penalty for this this type of violation is limited by law to $10,000. This is inadequate for encouraging pollution sources to maintain facilities so that they are compliance with their permits. The Chevron refinery explosion in Richmond resulted in over 15,000 people seeking emergency care at local hospitals and clinics.

SB 1204 (Lara) & SB 1275 (de Leon) - Support

Charge Ahead with Clean Vehicles
SB 1204 would create the California Clean Truck and Bus Program, to be funded from cap and trade revenues, to fund zero- and near-zero emission truck and bus technology, with preference for projects in disadvantaged communities. SB 1275, the “Charge Ahead Initiative,” directs the Air Resources Board to develop a long-term funding plan to meet the goal of putting one million electric cars, trucks, and buses on the streets, and ensuring access for disadvantaged communities. Both bills will help clean up our air by transitioning to cleaner vehicle technology.

AB 1500 (Dickinson) - Support

Protect Youth from E-Cigarettes
AB 1500 would require a signature and age verification upon delivery for the purchase of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have not been found safe or effective by the FDA, which is opening an investigation into electronic cigarettes. Breathe California worked to prohibit sales of electronic cigarettes to minors by passing SB 882 (Corbett), and this bill will close an important loophole.

SB 1005 (Lara) - Support

Health Care for All
SB 1005 would extend access to affordable health coverage for all Californians, without regard to immigration status, by offering the same assistance provided by the Affordable Care Act to Californians who are not currently eligible. This bill creates a state-only Medi-Cal program and health benefits marketplace for those who are barred from Medi-Cal by reason of immigration status, covering children up to 266% and adults up to 138% of the federal poverty line with the same coverage options available through Covered California.

SB 1239 (Wolk) - Support

School Nurse Funding
SB 1239 brings nurses back into our schools by requiring school districts receiving new funding to employ at least one school nurse, and would allow for school districts to bill health plans for services provided. Children with asthma and other chronic conditions requiring urgent care need school nurses so they can receive asthma screening, learn how to manage their asthma, respond to an asthma attack, and live healthier lives.

Climate Change Scoping Plan Update

The California Air Resources Board is updating the Climate Change Scoping Plan, pursuant to the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32, 2006). Breathe California is advocating for an ambitious update that identifies a mid-term target for greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and identifies measures to reduce pollution from energy, transportation, waste, and industrial sectors.

COPD Awareness and Treatment

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, but many patients do not receive adequate care, and our nation lacks a comprehensive response plan. Breathe California is advocating before state health agencies for improved patient and health provider awareness, so patients can receive screening and referral to preventive care and rehabilitation.

Clean Air fort the New Year

This last year has been a milestone for action on clean air and climate change. At the end of last year, the California Air Resources Board conducted the first auction as part of the cap-and-trade program, which will limit greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. The Board is also moving forward with companion regulations for industrial energy efficiency that will ensure that emission reductions happen in our local communities, and reduce toxic pollution as well as greenhouse gases.

Climate change is a serious health threat that will increase the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, including heat waves, storms, and droughts. For lung health, this means more days where people with asthma are at risk, and that the same strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions also reduce cancer-causing toxic emissions. The lackluster action at the end of last year at the UN climate negotiations in Doha demonstrates the importance of California leading the way toward increased ambition for United States climate protection.

At the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, our work continues toward implementing the Clean Air Plan. Breathe California testified to support the adoption of a cement kiln rule, and is working with the District on regulations to reduce pollution at metal melting facilities and from refinery boilers. Breathe California will continue to monitor both the investigation into the Chevron Refinery explosion and the steps taken to ensure community health and safety. Breathe California was a leader in promoting more ambitious targets for the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. This year the Metropolitan Transportation Commission moved forward a new draft plan to accomplish this work with improved transit and land use. Finally, strong statewide rules to protect communities from toxic diesel pollution from trucks start to phase in this year. We need your help to keep up the momentum for clean air – e-mail us at info@ggbreathe.org to get involved.

Don't forget that wood burning is restricted when air quality is unhealthy, so check before you burn at 1-800-4NO-BURN, or at www.sparetheair.org.

2012 Wrap-Up

With the Governor signing and vetoing all pending bills in September, the 2011-2012 legislative session has come to a close. Breathe California advocated strongly for legislation to expand smoke-free environments, implement the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, and to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Here are the highlights:

Tobacco sales to minors penalties strengthened

The Governor signed AB 1301 (Hill), which strengthens penalties under the STAKE Act for sales to minors. This new law revamps a flawed program so there is a clear signal that it is unacceptable to sell cigarettes to kids.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

Breathe California participated in a broad coalition of environment, health, and economic development stakeholders to pass AB 1532 (J. Perez) and SB 535 (De Leon), which set priorities for investing revenue from the cap-and-trade auction. Under these bills, the California Air Resources Board will develop a plan that will invest in clean energy, energy efficiency, emission reduction at industrial facilities, and public transit. 25% of revenue must benefit disadvantaged communities impacted by climate change and air pollution, and 10% of projects must be in these communities. Breathe California also fought back against late-session legislative attempts that would have weakened AB 32, California’s landmark global warming law, and other proposals to roll back clean air regulations.

Health Care Reform

Breathe California is advocating for lung health interests as California implements health care reform. Governor Brown signed AB 1453 (Monning) and SB 951 (Hernandez) adopting the Kaiser Small Group HMO 30 Plan as the Essential Health Benefit benchmark plan. This is great news – this means that with the right implementation – patients in private health plans will have guaranteed access to important medical care services such as pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD patients, asthma screening and treatment, and tobacco cessation. There is much more to do to make sure that patients have access to screening, and that Medi-Cal patients get the services they need, but this is an important step.

Smoke-free hospitals and long-term care facilities

Breathe California sponsored AB 1278 (Hill) to prohibit smoking on hospital campuses, and to encourage outreach for smoking cessation opportunities. We also worked on AB 217 (Carter), which prohibited smoking inside and near long-term care facilities. Unfortunately, Governor Brown vetoed both of these bills. You can let him know your opinion on the need to close smoke-free loopholes at 916-445-2841.

If you have questions about any of the above priorities, or other legislation Breathe California worked on to protect lung health this year, please contact us at info@ggbreathe.org.

Vote YES on Proposition 29 to Prevent Tobacco Deaths

JUNE 2012
California voters will vote next month on Proposition 29, the California Cancer Research Act. The Act would increase cigarette taxes by $1 a pack, primarily funding research on cancer and other tobacco-related illnesses, and also funding important tobacco prevention and cessation services. According to the American Cancer Society, the $1 per pack increase would prevent 220,000 kids from ever beginning to smoke, prompt 100,000 adult smokers to quit, and prevent over 300,000 premature deaths.

The research funds would be overseen by a committee of cancer center directors, University of California chancellors, and at least one person who has suffered from a tobacco-related illness. Grants and loans would be funded based on a peer-reviewed process modeled after the National Institute of Health. The tobacco prevention and cessation funds would be administered by the competitive grant programs administered by the California Department of Public Health.

Unfortunately, the opposition has launched a deceptive campaign to mislead voters about the accountability of the funds collected, featuring a doctor who has appeared for the tobacco industry over and over in ads they bankroll. Proposition 29 would cost the tobacco industry more than $800 million annually, so it’s not surprising that they just dumped another $14 million to fund the campaign opposing the initiative.

How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect You?

APRIL 2012
The recent Supreme Court hearings on the Affordable Care Act have raised public awareness about the landmark legislation President Obama signed in early 2010. Beyond the controversy over a key part of the law, what does the Affordable Care Act do to make health care more accessible and affordable for Californians?

Expanded Coverage - The Affordable Care Act increases access to health coverage, expanding tax credits for small businesses to purchase insurance, and establishes new protections for people who have health insurance to help address a crisis of 30 million uninsured Americans,. If you have health insurance, new protections stop insurance companies from cancelling your coverage if you get sick. In California, some protections are already being implemented early:

Preventive Care for Lung Health - Looking at lung health, there are some important services that Breathe California is working to see covered when the United States and California Department of Health and Human Services implement the Essential Benefits Package – the bottom-line services that all plans need to offer. Preventative care for lung health is cost-effective and helps us all breathe easier. We’re advocating for tobacco cessation services, asthma screening and spacers, and pulmonary rehabilitation services for people with COPD to be part of all health plans. Stay tuned for action alerts supporting legislation like AB 1738 (Huffman), which would require free coverage of services to help quit smoking. If you have views about what lung health services you think need to be covered as California and the federal government implement the new law, tell us your story at info@ggbreathe.org.

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